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The Pleas for Help forums consists of two main parts. The General Forum is for non urgent messages, like, weather discussions, and general hurricane questions. When need be I will open Island Specific forums -Gert

Tips on getting the most out of your Plea for Help:
- Start a new topic for a new topic, don't follow-up/reply to a post with a new plea for help
- Use a descriptive subject (eg. the person's name you are looking for)
- Be as specific as possible in your post
- If you found your answer elsewhere, please share with us
- You don't need to register, but you will get some added features, like tracking and editing your own post. Register here

Hope this helps! We are all in this together, stay strong! -Gert

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General pleas for help - Tip: use a descriptive subject line

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5889August 18, 2020 08:51PM
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Abaco, the Bahamas

Pleas for Help - Abaco Islands, the Bahamas

Grand Bahama, the Bahamas

Pleas for Help - Grand Bahama, the Bahamas

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